The beginning of a new sport season

CAN* National Driving Competition

Saturday 12th April, Zandhoven (B) : 1st competition day and 1st experience for the fjord horse mare June, daughter of Hjellar. Dressage results: 5th place for Hjellar and 6st place for June. After the cone course, Hjellar finished 5th in the final ranking and June 7th.

Saturday 19th April, Puurs (B) : very nice dressage performance for June ! She finished 2nd after Hjellar. Our 2 fjord horses finished after the cone course : Hjellar 1st and June 2nd, marvellous!!

Today, Sunday 27th April, competition in Bornem (B) : a good dressage round for Hjellar who finished 2nd in the final results. Also June showed a good dressage round with a 3rd place in this discipline with just 2 points less then Hjellar. She finished finally on the 5th place because of some penalties in the cone course.

Next week, the competition in Brugge is on the program. Congratulations sofar to our two fjord horses and their drivers, Kristof and Tamara Tillie and we wish you a very successful season 2014.




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