National Driving Competition

Report of the Fjord horses HJELLAR & JUNE after 6 competition weeks AC (Dressage and Cones):

In Brugge, Hjellar took the 2nd place. He won in dressage but 2 penalities in the cone course gave him the 2nd final placement.
In Gesves, victory in dressage and nothing changed after the cone course, Hjellar placed first! (photo)
In Genk, the stallion was again best in dressage and victory after the cone course.
After 6 competition week-ends : 3 victories, 2 x 2nd place and one 5th place. Four qualifications for the Best Belgium Dressage, and great pleasure for Tamara and Kristof Tillie, his owners and driver!

Also June's season is good. The comments of most of the judges are very promising for the future of this young horse.
She was 4th in Brugge, 5th in Gesves and 4th in Genk. JUNE has no competition anymore until beginning July but she continues the training cessions. Tamara hopes maybe 1 time to beat Hjellar, they have to be strong for that.

From next week-end on, the competition for Hjellar will include the marathon part. We wish the stallion a lot of success, as well as his groom and driver!



JUNE in Genk


HJELLAR in Brugge

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