CAN* Hatrival

Fjord horses and Driving Competition: June reserved two competitions CAN*, one in Flémalle and one in Hatrival and this last one took place during the last week-end and was very difficult. Hjellar was second in dressage and after having slipped on two cone obstacles, he kept a 2nd place after the cone course, 0.03 points after the first one.

The exterior traject was very heavy for Hjellar, up and down with many heavy places to pull the wagon. However, the stallion did it well and he passed the veterinary exam without problem. Up to the marathon obstacles. Kristof and Tamara : "The rain of Saturday made the parcours very slippery and we also made some mistakes with loose of time. So we ended in final on the 8th place. We are looking back on a good competition week-end with a lot of experiences for us and we could observe the super condition of Hjellar! Last year in the same period, it was not possible to finish the marathon and now the stallion did all the obstacles and he could have done one more if necessary!"

And we can't forget to mention that Hjellar takes the first place in the temporary ranking of the "Driving Sport Trophy" and Kristof should like to win this title. His team hopes to build up enough points to stay on top until the end of this season and of course, we all wish them many success for that!! (MD)


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