Fjord horses and love

Fjord horses and love

Jilly Meurs is telling us about the day of her mariage, 30th May

2014… it seems the year of "mariages" in our Antwerp's district. After Annick and Patty, it was my turn to marry. It was a beautiful day with a lot of love, sunny weather, our dear family and friends and last but not least: the Fjord horses ! Because the mariage of a horse girl should not be complete without horses.

Two fjord horses were nearby Jilly and her husband during "their" day. Almglimt ans his driver Louis and also Jilly's own fjord horse Hayco was present and that was a surprise.

More in our September magazine. The Belgian Fjord horse Stud-Book wishes all the best and a happy future to these young Antwerp's couples !


Photos : "foto Beverloo"


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