Fjord Week-End in DESSEL 2014

Fjord Week-End in DESSEL 2014


The first subscriptions for the national week-end of 20th - 21st September already arrived. We remember you that you don't have to wait the last breeding shows because ALL the Fjord horses are welcome, also the Fjords registered in a foreign Stud-Book. All the activities, also the breeding show, are OPEN for all Fjord horses registered in a recognized fjord horse stud-book.

Regarding the horse boxes : we inform you that the Stud-Book will order mobile boxes relative to the demand, at the price of 30 euros for each box. The boxes will be installed on Friday until Monday morning. If you ask the reservation of a box, you can use it the whole week-end at the fixed price of 30 euros. It is not possible to ask the reservation of a box for only one day at reduced price.

The ability parcours for riders and drivers will be organized relative to the possibilities and material of the riding center. The exercices for riders and drivers will be similar to the TREC tests and the tree will be replaced by a slide and/or an obstacle. Note that the level of the tests will be accessible to all of you !!

All the activities will be organized outside, there is sufficient parking place for the participants and supporters and the fields around will be used for the horse paddocks and camping places. If really bad weather, we can also use the inside hall.
Gifts and the nice Trophy from Fjord Horse International for the Champion of the breeding show.

In order to assure the good organization of this week-end, we ask you to send us your engagements for the activities and also your subscription for the stay and meals as soon as possible. Thank you.

WELCOME!!  The Board of the Belgian Fjord Horse Stud-Book wish you plenty success and a lot of nice moments all together!!

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