2014 Performances for Hjellar

2014 Performances for Hjellar

The "Hjellar" team is sending their best wishes for this New Year to all of you and they resume the performances of last year as follows:

Concerning the sport results of Hjellar in 2014, we can confirm that he was performant. Unfortunately, we could not win the Belgian Trophy but that's partly the responsibility of the groom, not only because of the performances of the stallion.
But Hjellar is the absolute winner in the ranking "Best Belgium Dressage" and we will receive this Trophy end of February. This price concerns all Can* classes, for horses as well as for pony's and is calculated on the dressage results. Hjellar was leader of the dressage discipline since the start of last season. 

Congratulations and a lot of success for this new season!
On behalf of the Belgian Fjord Horse Association,

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