Birth declarations

Birth declarations


After a long expecting time, the results of our breeder's choices are now born or to be born soon and the development of the new foals can start. The Belgian Stud-Book for Fjord horses wishes you success and is faithful that the good quality of our Fjords will continue to improve. 

The birth event has also an administrative part and therefore, please find the new procedure for 2015 below: 

-          First you have to choose a name for your foal with initial “R” and if you don't have an affix yet, you can contact the stud-book secretary, Francine Van Buggenhout and ask for the procedure.

-          Then you fill out the birth declaration and send this document by mail post to the secretary:
Francine Van Buggenhout,
Venusbergstraat 57, BE-2230  HERSELT

-          If the dam of your foal is not yet registered with the Belgian Stud-Book, please send a copy of her passport together with the birth declaration.

-          The registration fee amounts 20 €/foal. (the costs for the central database and the veterinary are not included). If the dam has to be registered in the stud-book, there is a supplement fee of 20 €.

-          The breeder of the foal has to be a member of the Belgian Fjord Horse Stud-Book. If this membership fee was not paid yet, thanks to transfer the amount of 45 €

-          All payments to be done on the account of the Stud-Book with mention of the name of the breeder and the name of the foal :
IBAN : BE61 7330 5761 6717  -  BIC : KREDBEBB

-          As soon as the above conditions are fulfilled, the secretary will open a registration file for your foal and the foal will be declared at the central database, this is a legal obligation imposed by the Belgian Ministries (only for the foals staying in Belgium).

-          For the foals staying in Belgium, the breeder will receive an identification file from the Belgian Horse Confederation. For the foals staying abroad, the breeder will receive a description card from the Belgian Fjord Horse Stud-Book.

-          The identification dossier, description card, microchip, hair sample for DNA, ... has to be followed up by a recognized veterinary.

-          At the return of the completed identification dossier and if required, after the DNA analysis with parental control, the Belgian Fjord Horse Stud-Book will issue the conform passport and send it to the breeder.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask us. The regional secretaries and the board members, as well as the secretary are at your service! E-mail address of the secretary :


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