Jubilee Breeding Show

Jubilee Breeding Show

Fjord horses are registered in a Stud-Book for 40 years now in Belgium and thanks to the selection of breeding stallions as well as the motivation and encouragement of the breeders to look after the best quality, Belgium can be proud of the result! 
Last Saturday a national breeding show was organized on occasion of this Jubilee and you will understand it was not easy for the judges to choose a Champion among the presented, very nice fjord horses.

The winner is IRINA OF STAL VALENTIN, daughter of the stallion KOLLISTÅEN and the Norwegian mare BRITNY, herself after LUNNAR. The very happy owners are Robin and Mieke Gybels of Tessenderlo.

Warm congratulations!
IRINA OF STAL VALENTIN will carry the titel for a whole year and her owners also received the trophy of Fjord Horse International!

A second passionated breeder, Steven De Rauw, was in the highlights with the best foal and the best yearling of the show!
RUBEN VAN DE LANDWEG, male foal °2015, Lyckängs Tempo x Falke - Mogly.

PACHA VAN DE LANDWEG, yearling, Lyckängs Tempo x Elit van de Coige - Mogly

In the class for geldings, we congratulate Rudi Heuvinck with

MICK, son of Lyckangs Tempo x Ina - Jolster.

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